Unvieling of Caitlyn Cihak's Portrait<br><br><br>


(Photo on right - Kaitlyn Cihak's 1st Communion Portrait Unveiling Party)

"A colleague told me about Vanessa's award winning work on the west coast. Even though I live in New York I chose her as my personal artist.  I am thrilled with the high level of professionalism Vanessa demonstrated along with her obvious outstanding ability as a portrait artist. I now have an heirloom portrait that I LOVE, painted by an artist who I'm sure will become one of the leading portrait artists of her time."
CEO Jeremy Brandrick, Bridal and Special Occasion Wear, New York.

“Vanessa’s painting style and technique is pleasing to the eye yet a character all its own. Her understanding of the subject’s personality allows her to paint more authentically. It was an usually easy experience to work with her through the process of still photographs and subsequent viewings that made the whole experience something we desire to do again…and again…”
 Paul J. Cihak and Susan Cihak, Classical Art Patrons, Lake Oswago, OR.

"We are really enjoying the painting of my daughter Janessa. The nuances of color you captured in her red hair are stunning. It was such a pleasure to work with you. Your talent and execution totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you for creating a wonderful family heirloom."
Joy Stokes, Camas WA

"Vanessa was given a studio portrait of my Great Grandmother Boardman from which she made a lovely oil painting - taking care with not only Grandma's features but her beautiful dress. It will definitely be a treasure for our family in the years to come."
Gyla Hughes, Camas WA

"Vanessa painted my two sons in 1999. They hang on the wall in my living room and their eyes seem to follow me in an endearing way. The boys have grown into young men now, but these portraits capture their child-likeness and life so beautifully. I look at them often to remind me of childhood days.
Vanessa has tremendous talent, in particular she has a unique ability to harness the spirit and essence of a life with her brush work, making her portraits a perpetual and living memory."

 Monica and John Campbell, Dallas TX

"This portrait was the perfect Christmas gift for my husband Jim. when he opened the gift he was amazed and delighted.

I am very impressed with Vanessa's skill as an artist. also her willingness to go the extra mile to learn more about the United States Marines to do the portrait with the proper feel.

The other day a young man came into our office and saw a print of the portrait on the wall. He wanted to know if it was for sale. He had gone through a Junior Marine Class and was drawn to the print. What a great testimony to her talent. Thank you so much Vanessa!"

Mary Guzlow, Orchards WA

"Vanessa really captured our daughter Annalisa's expression,"a perfect little Angel" we are very impressed by the accuracy of the portrait."
Veronica Tacheron

"It has been a wonderful experience working with Vanessa on my portrait. Her work really stood out from the rest, and it made me more confident seeing examples of her previous work, and knowing that she is an award winner in this field.

From start to finish I have been extremely impressed with the personal service that Vanessa offers. The flexibility is amazing and as this was my first ever commissioned artwork it made me very comfortable to be working with such a professional artist, and indeed investing in a piece of art that will be handed down for generations.

The consultation and initial photography went incredibly smoothly, and we were able to decide on the pose and mood of the portrait in a fairly short amount of time. I was eager to see the initial renderings which were provided a few weeks later. The final stage was the discussion of the finishing and framing. I decided to let Vanessa's expertise in most matters guide my decisions, although she was a respectful listener to my comments, and was fully able to explain the process and answer any questions that I had.

I am absolutely amazed with the end result, as is every one who has seen it so far. The mood is exactly how we discussed, the lighting is perfect, the brush work is sublime and the framing is complementary and sets off the portrait in an unbelievable way. I am planning an official unveiling cocktail party, and would be perfectly delighted to provide any guests that requests them, full details of Vanessa and her amazing service."

Adam Martin
Senior Private Banker, New York.

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