Vanessa Morris Classical Portraiture Capturing the Beauty and Drama of Traditional Portaiture
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I come from a Celtic/English family steeped in the Classical Arts. This rich cultural environment gave me a lifetime love of beauty in both natural and man-made creation. I also have a love for and enjoyment of people.

An early childhood visit to the studio of the famous 20th Century English Portrait Artist Harold Speed captured my imagination. I started painting portraits at the age of nine. For the next 14 years I studied art and graduated in Advanced Art Level in England.

Over the last 15 years I have studied under National Award Winners — Robert Liberace, Michele Rushworth, David Reidel, Karin Wells  and the great Frank Covino all of whom are Nationally known portrait artists and incredible teachers.

During this time I have developed my own style, combining the luminosity of classical techniques with modern colors.

Why has Portraiture been held in such high prestige for so many centuries and is so much a part of our history? Why is this important to me?

For the last several centuries Portraits have graced our Museums, Universities, Private clubs, Family Homes, Hospitals, Corporate Board Rooms, State Capitol Buildings, all over the world.  Over the last 30 years we have returned to that rich cultural environment with a new understanding of the power of Portraiture to enrich and define our culture.

This is important to me because in our transient, consumer society I believe the profound story of our lives is being overlooked. In today's modern world we are rushed, fragmented and rootless.  Portraiture is one of many opportunities we can own to root people in their history, families, work, vocation and talents. It places us in history and elevates our culture with a rich heritage.

Working as a portrait artist I constantly experience the joy and satisfaction that my Portraits bring to clients, to their families, their friends and colleagues.  The decision to commission a Portrait is profound and enduring. A portrait “lives” and is a treasure that lives for centuries and generations. The twenty first century will provide rich examples of faces and lives to hang in hushed galleries for hundreds of years.

Why commission a portrait?

  • Preserve a moment of childhood before it is lost...
  • Commemorate a work achievement, a health situation, a personal victory…
  • The honor of and invaluable presence of mothers, fathers and grandparents…
  • Public service commendation…
  • The Great Retirement moments…
  • Posthumous. Gone, but never forgotten...
Do you long for the memory of a child, or grandchild at a certain age to last forever? Is the tradition and posterity of your family, their work, their talents important to you and your children's children?

There really is no doubt that every person is of immense and unique value. The discovery of creating each portrait is in itself a mysterious journey. That is why my work is the best work in the world.

So my Profile is in reality......all about you. Click here for Commisions, Fees and FAQs.


Honory Mention People' Choice "Forever Young:  Naples Art Association -  2015

Best In Show People' Choice "An English Spring" - Ft Myers Art League 2015

First Place "An English Spring" North Clackamas Fine Art Show

First Place: "Adam," Senior Private Banker, New York." Portland Fine Art Group (Portraits and Animals Category)

Second Place: "William Meldrum, Photographer." Portland Fine Art Group (Portraits and Animals Category)

First Place: "Insight." Battle Ground Art Alliance 2D

First Place: "Barbara Wilkinson." Oregon Association of American Mothers.

Best In Show: "Insight" North Clackamas Fine Art Guild Annual Show Category): Portland Fine Art Guild

Second Place in Best of Show: "Insight" Portland Fine Art Guild

Third Place for Oils and Acrylics: Society of Washington Artists

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