Vanessa Morris Classical Portraiture Capturing the Beauty and Drama of Traditional Portaiture


Focused on Celebrating Human Genius

I purposely design my art to uplift, encourage, and venerate the human spirit. I believe that we have a divine origin, and that our lives are not transitory but eternal. We long for the good and the beautiful, we long for purpose and meaning. Whether it be in small, everyday ways, or large, famous ways, we reflect the noble, the saint, the hero. Because of our human genius, our lives tell many stories worthy of capturing for posterity.

In my new series Celebrating Human Genius I will bring to life talents, expertise, and other expressions of the best of the human spirit. I believe that the way to venerate the human spirit is to create a collection of luminous, atmospheric artwork.

Some examples of subjects are: "The Bagpiper," "The Ballerina," "The Author" "The Animal Lover" "The Doctor"

Your Designer Painting

Under the banner of this new series I also offer an opportunity for clients to commission their own Designer Painting.

Commissioning a Designer Painting means the artwork is personalized to illustrate an activity, talent, or vocation that it special to you and your family. Your personal vision can be captured in your commissioned painting including tones, composition, and background. Together we can ensure that the commissioned work is the appropriate size for your house and reflects your individual preferences. Under this series you have the opportunity to determine many other considerations that are important when investing in artwork.

For "Celebrating Human Genius" series my painting technique remains the the same - the beauty, order and luminous light of The Old Masters.

Starting price $5,000

Deposit required of 50%

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