What is the experience like?

The portrait experience is a personal one and you are the center of it!

For the ladies - The portrait experience is like being pampered in a spa, having fun dressing up, expressing what matters to you.  Defining your work and your life.

For the gentlemen and ladies - being honored in your work, your home, or activity of choice, by family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Being honored either in private, or in public.

For children - being made to feel very special and remembered at a special age..

How much input do I have?

You are the reason for the portrait. We are a team. Together, we develop a vision of the portrait to capture your unique likeness and character.

Together we make decisions of:
  • Posture
  • Facial expression
  • Clothes
  • Hairstyle (for women)
  • Sentimental and symbolic props
  • Background color and content choice
  • Canvas size...
All are vital to the final portrait. This is not the complete list, but it gives some idea.

How long does the commission take?

The Creative Journey:

Scheduling is important. The timeless tools of Classical Composition, together with the Classical multi-layered painting technique gives my portraits their emphasis on drama, light and beauty. Because of my multi-layered painting technique my portraits can take up to 5 months to dry.

I like to spend a couple of hours with my clients to get their input, ideas and preferences. The next step is my "creative thinking time". This is terribly important and usually takes about 2 weeks!

I prefer to paint from life, but because of modern time constraints I offer the convenience of my own photographic studio in Naples Fl. Alternatively, I can shoot at a location of the client's choosing. I bring my own lighting equipment as lighting is so important to my portraits.

The photographic time is approximately 3 hours including set up.

The painting time depends on how complex and large the portrait is. I usually do 2 or 3 paintings at one time allowing one to dry while I work on the others etc. Painting time can be 3 months to 6 months or more (which includes drying time).

How do I know that the portrait will be all I envisioned?

Clients are given two opportunities to preview the painting in its final stages — the First and Second Viewings, ensuring my client will be entirely satisfied with the final work.
  • First Viewing - approximately one hour.
  •    Corrections -2 weeks on average.

  • Second Viewing - approximately half an hour.
  •    Usually none or very few corrections - 2 weeks

  • Unveiling - a time of your preference.

How do I receive my portrait?

The Unveiling Celebration is the dramatic culmination of all our work together! Upon completion of the portrait the painting is “Unveiled” with full ceremony to family, friends and colleagues at a specially chosen place. This can be formal, informal, or a delightful mixture.

At the Unveiling I also present each client with a memento of their own beautifully bound book that records in text and pictures their portrait journey from start to finish!

The Unveiling Celebration is also of great significance to my work as it is through referrals that I prefer to receive my commissioned work.

"A Moment In Time For All Time."


All portraits are individually priced.

Starting price is $5,000.

Approximate sizes:

Head and Shoulder (up to 30 x 24)
Half Length with Hands (up to 38 x 32)
Three Quarter Length (up to 46 x 32)
Full Length Grand Manner (up to 72 x 66)
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