Classical Portrait Artist Vanessa Morris - Heirloom and Corporate Portraiture
'The Bagpiper'<br>Part of a New Series:<br>Celebrating the Human Genius<br>
'The Bagpiper'
Part of a New Series:
Celebrating the Human Genius
Heirloom and Corporate Classical Portraiture

Are you interested in the story of our lives? Do portraits that evoke Rembrandt luminosity, beauty and drama move you? Is the tradition and posterity of your family important to you and your children's children? We have a lot in common.

Classical Portrait Artist Vanessa Morris captures and honors your Loved Ones, Colleagues and Friends. A portrait lives and breathes and is an heirloom for future generations.

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New Series:  Celebrating Human Genius  Click Here

"A Moment In Time For All Time"
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